Rebecca & Oli celebrated their wedding at Lulworth Castle in Dorset. Rebecca and Oli’s speeches really reflected the love for their family and one another. I decided to start the wedding film with the speech by Becca’s father. It was the kind of witty, eloquent and emotional speech that has the guests lingering on every word. It is also the reason why (shameless plug) everyone should have a wedding videographer at their wedding!

Becca’s father paid homage to his new son-in-law and to the unusual challenge that Oli was required to complete in order to marry Becca. However, the words that touched everyone were about strength and soul-mates. Those were the words that I decided to begin the film with… “It’s true that Becca is a strong, intelligent and independant woman… but it’s also true that everyone needs a soulmate. That special person that’s always there for you… and in Oli, Bebecca has found that soulmate.”

There were so many highlights to this wedding. Rebecca and Oli’s joie de vivre. The beautiful castle. The idyllic views of Lulworth Cove in the morning. Producing this film was an absolute please and thank you Becca and Oli for choosing me to film your wedding.