Wedding Live Steaming

Live Steaming

Weddings are wonderful gatherings of friends and family of all ages. However, distance, illness, misfortune and venue limitations can prevent your loved ones from attending your celebration.

Sadly, the recent outbreak of coronavirus will mean that there is a an increased chance that some guests may not be able to attend your wedding. Wedding films are, of course, a wonderful option for such guests to retrospectively relive your celebrations.

However, if you want your family & friends to experience your wedding as it happens, then you might want to consider live streaming.

Live streaming is the live transmission of video and audio and can allow your loved ones to intimately and remotely enjoy your wedding day.

There are many options available to a couple looking to live stream there wedding. There are even some free options.

Social media platforms offer live streaming, which is an option for couples that haven’t budgeted for professional live streaming. Social media streaming is free, relatively straightforward to set up and the only equipment required is a smart phone with an internet connection.

Alternatively, we offer professional live streaming. Our live streams offer a number of benefits.

  • Professional cameras and microphones, which produce improved video and audio quality
  • Dedicated camera person to manage the live stream
  • Equipment reliability
  • 4g back up in the event that WiFi is unavailable
  • Dedicated private viewing page

If you would like to find out more information about live streaming your wedding, then simply get in touch using our contact form below.

We look forward to hearing from you.

– Andy