Behind the lens

Hello! My name is Andy. At the age of three I was given my first film camera and started developing my own prints in a dark room that I built myself… just kidding.

I wish I had some sort of sepia tone nostalgic story that Hollywood producers would drool over. Here’s the real story… I went on a trip in 2013 and bought an action camera. I filmed hours of mundane footage, briefly punctuated with some clips that only my closest friends and family found entertaining.

Fortunately my ability improved and my enthusiasm persisted. A short while later I was asked by a friend to film her sister’s wedding. Despite feeling incredibly nervous, I jumped at the opportunity and made a film that the couple loved. That wedding was enough to get me started on my career as a wedding videographer and 4 years later I haven’t looked back.

I’ve evolved alot since that first wedding, but I’ve always strived to make the best wedding film possible for each and every couple. Every time I hear that my film has made someone laugh or cry it really does put a smile on my face.

When I’m not working, I tend to be outdoors, still with a camera in hand. I grew up in Dorset and I will always love being by the coast. I also love the city and currently live in Clapham in South-West London. Holidays as a child were almost always to Cornwall or skiing (thanks Mum & Dad) and these are still where I choose to spend my time getting some R&R.